// tennis skirt (cheaper on sheinside)

// lolita pinstripe matching set

obviously touching your head like you have a headache is my go to selfie pose i just feel I look v.much sweg.

So I was giving out CVs the other day and I popped into American Apparel my fave shop ever 
Even though my bank account is down to its last pennies I thought I am going  to have a job soon (By God's grace) so let me try on a couple thangs. 


Pills + Potions

j u m p e r // river island
m i d i s k i r t // miss selfridge
s h o e s // topshop 

life of an only child no one to take your picture.

p.s how epic was the vampire diaries finale ugh stefan is bae 5eva
and why the hell did they cancel Carrie diaries :( 


Reading List 2014

The Great Gatsby
Animal Farm 
Catcher In The Rye 
To Kill A Mockingbird
Pride & Prejudice 
The Scarlet Letter
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
The Grapes Of Wrath

One of my resolutions was to improve my vocabulary and writing and a great man once told me 
 A good writer, is a great reader
Thus I decided to be proactive and get to reading. This list also kills two birds with one stone as another resolution was to be more knowledgeable in literature prose, for me personally I thought no better place to start than the classics.  

Do any you have a reading list ? xo


My Polyvore x

I am slyly if not completely obsessed with Polyvore, It's just a perfect outlet for all my outfit ideas in the mess I call my mind, and as I'm currently unemployed and stressed out from a-levels...rant rant rant.. this is the only joy my in life, so I thought I would share with y'all what I wish I wore this week. One of my goals of 2014-2015 is to eventually wear majority if not all the outfits I post on Polyvore by fire by force, it shall happen, I just need some mulaaaa baby.
Which outfit would you wear ? :)
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I live for the applause

top - HM
trousers - River island 
shoes - clarks

Excuse these amateur phone pics but time has not been on my side of late and I really liked the outfit I wore to my job interview yesterday, I really hope I get the job, back on the clothes these trousers well more treggings fit soo nicely all stretchy and ish, I had a spiked necklace in my bag forgot to put it on cause i was rushing but I promise more blog posts coming soon xo 

p.s why did no one tell me pull&bear do such  amazing clothes like my wishlist is several  hundred pounds lool 


blvck marie 


I'm bring sexy back...

Top- H&M £4
Maxi Skirt- New Look £17

 I'm absolutely in love with this maxi skirt, the slit just adds a touch of sexy, easily dressed up or down with accessories definitely one of my favorite pieces, and a black crop top is just an essential, simple but goes with practically everything j'adore ca.

tip: pair with winter coat or freeze to death xo

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Skirt - Missguided 
Crop top - Boohoo 
Chain - River Island

tip: pair with winter coat or freeze to death xo

I love this skirt sooo much it was bliming £6 and some pence like and its just such a staple all year round LOVE LOVE LOVE sorry im a bit hyper ahahahaha because ....
it's my bday today bang bang turkey and ham, I think that's the saying lol  


Born Sinner, I'll die better than that

Top - Boohoo
Chain- River Island
Trousers - Boohoo

Bang Bang, hey guys how y'all doing slyly depressed all my shows have finished but it is a blessing in disguise really I need to focus on my work aye priorities priorities but back to the clothes these trousers are legit sooo comfy I just LOVE THEM !!! I got big delivery frm boohoo soo I'm excited to show you the rest of my haul much love xo

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LookBook #1

Click this Link for more details on these outfits.

As y'all can see I've developed quite an obsession with polyvore, I feel like a stylist when I'm putting them together, majority of the items are relatively cheap except maybe the Micheal Kors bag but c'mon it's Michael Kors and I will buy it one day by God's grace, but I hope to be adding these pieces to my wardrobe soon eeek

Which outfit would you wear?  
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*marymariescloset was my old blogname 


Kanye Taught Me...

Jumper - Boohoo 
Shirt - H&M 
Leather Trousers - H&M £24.99

I didn't choose the leather trousers, the leather trousers chose me.
lol excuse my lil dramatic moment, I thought I loved my slit skirt the most but these have to take number one I'm sooo in love with these and they are actually quite comfortable 100% worth the money ahhhhh I just adore them and I feel hella bad ass which is a plus. 

bye summer it's been good. 

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Leather Life Chose Me!

Leather mania

You may or may not have noticed all my old posts are gone, I wanted a fresh start, a new beginning if you will I felt like my blog was just so typical and bland, far from the image I wanted to portray, so from this moment on get ready y'all my blog is going to be the bomb-diggity not sure if people even still say that anymore but yes I am going to have OOTDs, PolyVore Posts, Blog Series, Hair & Beauty Posts and much much more the whole enchilada, so stay tuned. 


blvck marie 


Empire State Of Mind

Blazer - H&M
Blouse - H&M
Jeans - River Island

At my sixth form, you're only allowed to wear business-like clothes which is kinda sucky because I love jeans, leggings and a basic tee but this may actually be to my advantage because it's forced me to change up my style which is a fun experiment because when I first read business attire I thought my wardrobe would have to drab but nope business can still be cute and sassy it's the mindset, my mindset is going to be of a fierce business woman hustling in the concrete jungle in the upper east side. 

*note to self have a gossip girl marathon 

What mindset are you gonna be channeling for the new year ? 


Born Sinner...But I'll die better than that

Top - Boohoo £4
Skirt - Boohoo £6
Shoes - Footlocker £45
Chain -  Boohoo £8 

Hey Ladies and Gents first OOTD,  had an interview at river island oxford street ... didn't get it, I was hella nervous my heart was ever so fast and I felt like the other candidates could hear it, ever so tragic but I'm not usually a nervous wreck it was mainly because it was a group interview I suck at those 1to1's are sooo much easier well in my opinion, soo I'm over it the job hunt continues *sigh*

what are your experiences of group interviews?
 how epic is the Born sinner album?! 

Gossip Girl 

lol jk I've just always wondered what it felt like, k enough babbling. 


Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials by missmarymarie featuring a cropped cami

Keep On Reading For Details On The Items

*I didn't list the sources of the items of clothing because they really can be found anywhere for cheaper or more expensive depending on your taste


Black & White Crop Top                   Boyfriend Jeans                                Black Skater Skirt
Tight Black Tee                                  Black & White Skinny Jeans      Leather Trousers
 White Blouse                                      Acidic Blue Jeans                             Dungarees 
High Heels *Sandal w/ Stiletto Heel         Converses                                          Doc Martens
Nike Air Forces                                   Midi Dress                                         Rings & Gold Chain

Some of you may be wondering about the lack of color, heck I love popping colors as much as the next girl but I'm a minimalist well I like to say I am anyway and I believe simplicity is key and honestly it just looks good like white baggy top, leather trousers stilettos/doc martens you will look like a total badass or an all white or all black outfit just screams prestige with a gold chain hun say no more. Even the monochrome look is very in this year or just a white tee and jeans say whuuut sounds so plain but Iooks hella chic, better yet so many people can pull it off.Of course I'm not saying everyone should just wear these items but they are perfect for people who want to look fashionable on a limited budget. 

Mary Marie